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As a good gemini, I love to do a thousand different things. Between my favorite ones, I would say I really love to play on Photoshoop and also take pictures. While Larissa on the road was in hiatus, I took some time to think about the new projects that are coming not only for the blog, but also for our youtube channel. Today I brought a new way to do look of the day.

Recently I bought a photograph background, so I though it would be something fun to do if I could take some pictures inside the house and change the background on photoshop, just like what I did on this post. Usually, all my ‘look of the day’ was in front of my house, but is not everyday that we have a good weather, so I figure I could still work and bring new content for the blog, without being stopped by any issue. If you guys like this kind of post, I promisse I will try my best to always bring new designed stuff for you! 🙂


The look of the day today is from Choies store, and cost me a little more than 23 dollars. Everything started when I decided that I wanted a high knee boots (dont ask me why, sometimes I do this with no reason). So I went to Rue 21 and I found this product for only 40 bucks. The inicial price was 40, but I got a great deal. After that I started to look for winter dress, and I found this one on Choies.

Even if still is a little chilly out, I loved this composition, and I think the high knee boots make all the difference! If you dont like to wear short clothes at all, try to wear stockings together and you are good to go!



So now I want to know from your point of view: did you like this new format of post? Let me know what is going on your mind on the comments down below. Also, if you have any picture wearing a high knee boots, please send it to me, I would love to get more inspirations 😀 . 

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What’s up guys! A long time ago I promised a video talking a bit about the tattoo (bamboo tattoo) I did while in Thailand, and finally content ta released to you! I answered the questions that I get more, and if you still have one more curiosity, comment down here, okay?

Now answer me, you will have to get a tattoo with this technique? I had heard about the yantra tattooing? Kiss!  (sorrisão verde)

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